Boxing Classes and Instruction
Come in and See the Classes While They are in Session.

Rocky's boxing classes are geared toward both the novice boxer looking to get in shape, develop discipline, learn techniques for hitting the bags, shadow boxing, and jumping rope. Further development of boxing skills for the competitive athlete who is in shape and wants to achieve the conditioning and form to participate on a competitive level is also part of our boxing program. Fully equipped boxing and weight facility to train and utilize 7 days a week.

Pricing: In Full Payment Plan
New Student Trial - 3 months $330
3 months $310 $110 per month
6 months $600 $105 per month
12 months $1,130 $100 per month


The boxing lessons and classes consist of techniques & training from the basic beginner to the serious fight competitor. The boxing instructor works individually w/each boxer on the aspects they need to concentrate on including:

  • Jumprope
  • Shadowboxing
  • Basic punching drills
  • Combination punching drills
  • Feet positioning
  • Movement drills
  • Ducking and weaving drills
  • 20 X20 professional ringwork
  • Focus mitts
  • Speed bags
  • Double end bags
  • Multiple heavy and uppercut bags